Cue & Case Set - 3/4 Cue + Black Baize Luxury Cue Case

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These quality Cue & Case Sets are made up of:-

3/4 Cue Black Ebony Painted Rigid Ash Cue, Complemented with a Luxury 3/4 Baize Master Black Hard case. 


57.5-58" in Length

Tip: 9.3mm

Weight Approx - 545grms / 19- 19.5oz


A Luxury Hard Case  comprises 2/3 Strong Locks, A Metal Logo Badge to the upper body Lid and A embossed leatherette handle.  Ends have Plastic Casements for protection.

The Interior is lined with Black & White or Plain Black velvet touch Material and houses a chalk compartment. In the Centre is an Embrodered Baize Logo Badge. (See Pictures).

Enough Space for a Mini Butt too which are available as an addition if selected.

On some occasions the case may not contain the badge. Just a normal plain black velvet case will be supplied when stock is waiting replenishment.