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Pool Cue BCE Blue Antiaris hand Spliced 8.5mm Tip with Butt

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Features - Blue 

Also available in Red (See other products).
  • 57” cue designed for 8 ball pool
  • Hand spliced 4-point  ANTIARIS solid wood butt
  • Antiaris is a lighter weight hardwood, ideal for pool cues
  • Genuine spliced red / Blue and white veneers – 4 sides of cue
  • Unique thinner 28” butt diameter, designed for pool players
  • ¾ Joint – shaft measures 111cm, butt measures 38cm Approx
  • Brass ferrule with 8.5mm leather BCE stick-on tip
  • Quick release brass joint
  • C8L Metal chamfer badge on butt
  • Complete with matching 6” wooden mini butt
  • Weighs approx. 16oz to 17oz

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