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Prince Pool Tables

Baize Sports Supplies

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Selection of Pool Tables available Prince Tables

These are ordered specifically to order and your requirements.

7x4ft  IPA standard tables.

Also available in 6x3ft versions.

Various colours and Baize colours to your spec.

All tables are delivered and, include 2cues,balls,chalk & triangle. (See Spec Sheet).

 When Ordering you Table, Select Body Colour and we will contact you regarding the cloth Colour Ect.

Prince Specifications:

                          6ft Table                  7ft Table              8ft Table
Length               1913mm                  2141mm              2425mm
Width                 1139mm                  1226mm             1370mm
Height                  835mm                    835mm               835mm
Depth                   410mm                    410mm               410mm
Slate size            1676x902mm           1905x990mm      2185x1130mm
Playing Area       1600x826mm           1829x914mm      2109x1054mm
Coin-op                  215kgs                  255kgs                  315kgs
Freeplay                  204kgs                 244kgs                   305kgs
Standard Options Available:

Laminate - Walnut, Oak and Mahogany
Mechanism - Electronic, Mechanical and Free Play
Cloth - Green, Red, Blue, Burgundy, Black and Purple
Table comes complete with 2 cues, a set of balls, triangle and chalk

If you require a specific brand of cloth then this will be added to the invoice.

Install and fitting available. (Please ask fo rmore information).

Lead Time: 8 weeks+