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Abersil Snooker & Pool Table Cloth Cleaner


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Polish 400ml

A high quality silicone/wax blend, formulated to clean quickly and provide a high gloss
Wax/silicone blend provides durable, high gloss shine
Does not leaves any dry, white residues
Pleasant perfume leaves area smelling fresh and clean
Industrial strength

Pool and Snooker cloth cleaner 400ml

Has been formulated to remove chalk and light contamination from snooker and pool table cloths
Remove Chalk, Ash and drink stains
Non Foaming formulation
Pleasant smell

NC 500 Non Chlorinated Pool Table Cloth Adhesive 500ml

Is perfect fixing and bonding a wide range of materials
Perfect for fixing Snooker and Pool table cloth
Product formulated without Methylene Chloride or other chlorinated solvents
High strength formulation
Longer open bond time - allows large areas to be covered before film dries
Economical, good coverage
Free from chlorinated solvents