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Legends Grain Filler Restorer Black

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This item is supplied in Tins Approx 20ml
To ensure Legends Grain Filler is applied correctly, please follow the following guidelines:
  1. Make sure the area is clear/clean of any lacquer or finishing products.
  2. It’s important to “open” the grain and prep the wood correctly for the Legends Grain Fillers to work effectively.
  3. Opening the grain can be done with a small, fine, brass bristle brush; rubbed lightly over the cue grain.
  4. Using a small soft cotton cloth, apply small amounts of Legends grain filler to the required area of the cue shaft. Make sure the grain is fully filled.
  5. After 30 seconds, and with a new cotton cloth; rub away the excess fillers. Repeat steps 4-5 if you require a darker finish.
  6. With super fine 0000 grade wire wool, very lightly remove excess filler and leave clean and smooth before you apply your preferred Finish.

Recommend for use with Legends Cue Zest Wax