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Legends Mark Williams Nude Cue Tips (Tub of 3) Raw

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Legends Mark Williams Nude Tip 30th Anniversary

Legends Mark Williams 30th Anniversary Nude Cue Tips – This completely new Mark Williams MBE tip from Legends Cuesports is the product of intense months of testing. A simple goal; to give Mark a tip harder than anything he has ever played with, (Approx 130psi) with nothing lost in the feel of the shot.

  • 3 x 10mm Tips included per Tub
  • The new MW-X NUDE is also part of Legend’s new Clean Fit Range of Tips for 2022, with all Mark’s proceeds from the Sale of this Tip going to Hospis Y Cymoedd – Hospice of the Valleys. 

Note: Returns are not accepted on tips due to the fact they are only supplied to us and once the seal is broken and air/moisture is let into the tub they become unsellable.