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Legends Tip Cutter Trimmer Gen2 Blades

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These new Large, Stronger, Sharper trimmers are manufactured in the U.K. and are Heat Treated to stay sharper for longer, and to cope with every tip in the Cuesports market today from Snooker to 9Ball. This demonstration video by Legend’s Master Tip Fitter Giles Martin show how easy they are to use and angle for the correct tip shape.

  • Please handle with care & caution, extremely sharp.
  • If skin is pierced, please seek immediate medical attention.
  • Instructional videos also available via Legends Cue Sports Products social media pages.
  • Please dispose of in a safe manner.
  • Pack contains 5 x Trimming Blades
  • Not to be supplied to any persons under 18 years of age.