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Mark Williams Ball Cleaner Spray Snooker Pool Bowls Golf

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Endorsed by Mark Williams, 3 Times world Champion.
And if he likes it then it must be good.
(Trust me he’s Fussy).

Supplied in a larger 150ml Spray Bottle, 50% more than others on the market and This is NOT a polish. It is designed to Clean the balls without leaving any film, Residue on them.

It results in very clean balls!


Snooker Balls, Pool Balls, Bowls, Bowling Balls 

If Normal Cream polish is applied to balls it can produce unwanted reactions, a slight film and a whitening so this cleaning formula takes away those nasty reactions but will give a consistency just like new set of balls.

USE:Can be used with a ball Cleaning machine (available in Products), or Manually with a cloth.

Machine: Spray over the balls while housed in the machine. Run the machines cycle and allow to stand for 30 seconds after cycle has finished. (YOU’LL SEE THE DIFFERENCE EVERY TIME).

Manually:Spray onto balls and wipe. 
Leave for 30 seconds before using a clean rag/paper towel to finish off. Don’t forget to Allow to air dry.

Marks cleaning fluid will put your balls looking new, it can be used on snooker/pool balls, Bowls, golf balls plus much more.

(Multibuy options available )