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Snooker - Pool Tip Repair Kit Purchase Individual or Kit

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Everything you need to repair or replace a tip on your cue.

From Scuffers to Clamps & Gel Glue

Available to buy as singular item or as a full 9pc kit including Elk Master tips at 10mm and sharperner if you ferrule is slightly smaller.

Please Note: Some products may vary in colour -
Sharperners could be Red or Black, Scuffers and tip sanders could be Black/Red or Dark Blue and Brand of Gel Glue can Vary occasionally. 

Full Kit Comprises (See Picture)inclusive of 3 Elk Tips (10mm)
1  Boxwood Tip Fastener
1 Nylon Tip Fastener
1 Tip Shaper
1 Formed Tip Sander
1 Plastic Tip Fastener
1 Tip Shaperner (Red or Black)
1 Tip Scuffer
1 Gel Super Glue
3 Elk 10mm Tips


SEE our Other products for Brass or Titanium Ferrules & Cement.


We do offer a ferrule replacement Fitting  service.

Just contact regarding this.