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Snooker Cushion Rubber, Northern Rubber 12ft set of 6

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High end Hainsworth Northern Rubber Cushions. 
used on many pro tables and tour tables for best consistent reaction. 

Profile: 7/8 x 3/4 x 3/8 x 1/2”

Set of 6, to suit full size snooker tables  and can be easily cut down for all other types of tables  

* High end ingredients, using O-zone resistant materials.
* 25 year product guarantee.
* Tested for rebound ability, hardness, elasticity and specific gravity.
* New technology which ensures the mix of the ingredients is perfect before entering any stage of manufacture, eliminating the rish of 'dead spots' along the length of the rubber.
* Separate machine vulcanisation massively reduces the risk of swelling, controlling the shape of the rubber after extrusion.
* Maturation periods after each process, based on years of expert knowledge and experience, ensuring the perfect bounce for the velocity and weight of the balls.